Stand Up Desks are Obnoxious

I saw a commercial for one of these stupid stand up desks and I had to rant.   As a wheeler I find stand up desks to be a pompous look and a bit obnoxious.  I felt the same way about anybody that sat on a stupid Bouncing Ball at their desk which I thankfully have not seen in quite some time.  When Jim from the Office popped Dwight’s stupid desk ball I feel like the fad died with it, thanks Jim!

Now, of course me being in a wheelchair makes a standing desk completely useless for me but I would hope that if I still could use one, I would not because they look stupid.  However, the commercial also noted that Sitting is the new Smoking, so I guess all fellow wheelers are just F-ed.   

I am all for people chasing a better life through health and fitness, its why I created this site and will offer up future products but I am not convinced that just standing while you work will suddenly add in a great improvement to your health.  At least not compared to actually performing some fitness activities such as any strength training, sprinting and more movement in general.  I would rather suggest a person gets up every hour and takes a lap around the office, gets some water, etc.

And let me serve up a scenario where someone using a standup desk regularly works with someone like me, who is in a wheelchair.  Am I suppose to crank my neck all day looking up at you to make eye contact?  Your standing desk is already (supposedly) giving you extremely beneficial health improvements (bullshit, I say), but now you are actively forcing me to an even greater health deficit with the inevitable neck problem by looking up at you?  When, according to your commercial, me sitting all day (because I have no choice) is equivalent to me smoking X packs a day?  I find this product obnoxious. 

And full disclosure, we did actually have one of these stupid adjustable stand up desks at my office for a short time.  The time it lasted was in part shortened due to me fairly consistently razzing against the fools that used them.  I would semi-jokingly ask if they were trying to show me up by using it, since I obviously could not.  I would ask if they were they trying to throw it in my face that they could stand, and I could not? I truly do not give a shit whatsoever, but making people squirm is one of life's perks...

If you use them and love them, bully for you.  I think they look pompous and are meant for someone who wants to give off the impression they are a lot more fitness conscious than they really are.  If you really care about your health, stop going to restaurants and eating 1000 calories for lunch every day.  Go for multiple walks during the work day.  Join a gym or cross fit facility and go there prior or after work.  All of these things will make a tangible difference far and above a stand up desk.  

And finally, my wife has a job where she is forced to stand all day.  When she is done and gets home she is exhausted. Do you know what she wants to do the second she gets home?  Sit down because she is tired of standing all day.  If you had to stand at work looking at a computer, or sit while you are at work so when you are home you can be up and about doing things you actually like to do like Biking or Playing a sport, which would you prefer?  Stand up desks are a scam.