I am Justin Malaise, CPPS, I have been a parapalegic since June 1997, I was18 years old.  I was an active athlete in high school achieving great success in Football, Basketball and Baseball where I loved competition.  Through working out and lifting weights I have found a great avenue to continue the competitive battle.


My Mission

My mission is to spread the knowledge I have gained through almost 20 years of working out from a wheelchair.  I am a Certified Physical Preparedness Specialist (CPPS), the training certification created by Joe Defranco.  I will take real world, high level athletic training concepts acquired through the CPPS certification and make them applicable to a wheelchair trainee.  There is an abundance of information on the internet regarding working out, specific programs and nutrition.  Nothing I have found addresses the unique needs of a wheelchair lifter.  I have learned a ton from a lot of trial and error and will be sharing this knowledge.  Exercises that work best, specific weight and rep progressions that work best.  As a wheelchair lifter we SHOULD NOT be afraid to jump under the bar and lift free weight iron but we must ensure we are not putting ourselves in a risky situation.  There is also a lot of misinformation online regarding nutrition, and that is for able-bodied folks, for wheelchair individuals there exists almost no credible info online.  I will also provide nutritional info for the active wheelchair person that has also been learned through a lot of trial and error from 20 years of mistakes by following fads or magazine diet advice.

This site will also include some general wheelchair lifestyle experiences and share my experiences, good and bad.

A very simple quote is something I say to myself quite often while lifting or addressing any potential challenge:

Don’t be a pussy!