Wheelchair Fitness Foundation - ON SALE 50% OFF


Wheelchair Fitness Foundation - ON SALE 50% OFF

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Limited Time Sale 50% OFF!!!

Introductory ebook to wheelchair fitness.  This ebook covers the basics on where to start for wheelchair individuals from

  • exercise selection

  • nutrition

  • often ignored factors such as sleep.

Health and Fitness information geared towards wheelchair users is non-existent online. Or incredibly difficult to find. This eBook aims to change that.  If you are in a wheelchair, or experience any impaired mobility, this ebook can help guide you on the following to lose fat, gain muscle, look better and feel better:

  • Diet

  • Cardio Options

  • Exercise Options (Bodyweight and Free Weight)

  • Recovery

If you or a loved one is in a wheelchair and living an unhealthy, sedentary life, you must change that. It really is life-shortening to be in a wheelchair, inactive and unhealthy.

This ebook WILL give beginners a path on where to begin. To get to where you want to go, you must start somewhere. This ebook is that start.

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Are you in a wheelchair?  Are you interested in improving your health, gaining muscle, confidence and independence?  But you do not know where to begin, what to do nor how to do it?

Health and Fitness can improve ANYONE's life, especially someone in a wheelchair.  This eBook is meant to be the important first step to improved health and a higher quality of life for individuals that have relegated to a wheelchair. 

This eBook will cover the basics of entering into the world of physical fitness from the wheelchair.  Setting goals, nutrition, exercises that can be done from home, gym options, and bodyweight exercises and advancing into free weight barbell lifts.  I know the exercises that work best, specific weight and rep progressions that work best.  As a wheelchair lifter we SHOULD NOT be afraid to jump under the bar and lift free weight iron but we must ensure we are not putting ourselves in a risky situation. 

This eBook is a combination of my 20 years of experience of living and lifting in a wheelchair along with the actual knowledge of advanced athletic training protocols gained through the CPPS.