Intro to Training

This area will include the meat of this site.  I will provide information and advice on free weight, weightlifting for wheelchair users.  As mentioned in the About section I have been in a chair for 20 years and have been lifting since well before I was ever in the chair.  I have to confess, I love lifting and working out.  There is a individual competitive fight and battle that occurs every time I go into the gym.  I love this and love competition, by trying to beat what I achieved the previous trip is a big motivator for me.  I believe that working out to gain strength and muscle is one of the best activities a wheelchair person can do to improve self esteem and stay healthy.  Plus, since we have to use our arms every single second of every single day muscle will literally pile onto the body when first getting into working out due to this indirect volume we get from everyday life.  People notice this and suddenly a person in a wheelchair is no longer the "wheelchair guy", they are now the person with big arms.  Guns matter, chicks dig them, guys envy them, its just the way it is!

There are obvious benefits beyond the asthetic as having more strength will allow you to do more things, its just that simple.  Strength can increase your independence and lessen any need you may THINK you have on others to assist you in any manner.  There really isn't a price one in a wheelchair can pay to be completely independent.  Strength truly can help you get there.