Double Progression Method Best for Wheelchair Lifters


  1. Double Progression Method is Easy, Effective and Efficient
  2. Double Progression Method is Flexible.

What is Double Progression

In its simplest form the Double Progression method means progressing a rep count on a specific weight until you reach a goal rep count, then adding weight and starting over.  Double progression applies to progress your rep count and weight over time.  Too many lifters simply look at Weight as the singular item to progress, to just keep adding weight to a particular lift.  This works great at the beginning but soon you will plateau and frustration will set in.  This is where manipulating your reps and weight allows you to progress practically forever.

Simple Example

You set a target working set on the bench press of 5 sets at 225lbs.  Your target rep count may be 5x5 for 25 total reps.  Sets 1-3 you hit 5 reps, sets 4-5 you only hit 4 and 2 reps for a total of 21.  Your total rep count for this session was 21, and since you did not cross or hit 25, you remain at 225 for your next workout.

Easy, Effective and Efficient

I like simple approaches to training and tracking my training.  Training logs that offer up 20+ entries for a singular workout is way too much f-ing overhead.  This is our hobby, passion and fun time to get AWAY from stress and work.  I prefer a MAXIMUM of 10 entires for a given daily training log.  EX from Monday for a SHoulder workout.


MP @115 (50)3mins  

MP @185 3x (20) EMOM

MP @235 5x(12) 20rest

Snatch @70 3x(23) 

Snatch @95 3x(12)

Shrug @95 3x(38)

LK R/L/F2x(13,10,6)


The abbreviations are likely hieroglyphics, but the point is it is short and sweet, double progression allows this because I am not changing the weight 5 different times per exercise.  For us wheelchair lifters that is vital as we want to maximize our time in the gym actually exercising and NOT changing plates all the time.  So for Tracking purposes Double progression is best as well as for convenience.


Another benefit of the Double Progression method is the flexibility.  You can do one exercise in a 5x5 manner.  You can do another exercise that may be much closer to your max in a 5x2 manner where your total rep goal is 10.  The applications are infinite as you can also manipulate the rest periods to do quicker bouts of 10x3 to reach a 25-30 rep count or lengthen the rest and go back to a 5x5.  All with the same weight.  The options truly are endless which provides an extremely important element for any lifter, but more-so with wheelchair lifters, variety.

Since the majority of wheelchair lifters are going to be relegated to upper body only exercises we need ways to mix in variety as often as desired.  WIth Double Progression you can bounce around between different % of Max effort while still achieving progress on every single workout.

More Examples with Military Press.

5x5 @215lbs

10x3 @215lbs

5x2 @235lbs

10x10 @165

These are all different possibilities where you hit a rep goal, then add 5-10 lbs next week.


The double progression method is a great method for Efficient workout tracking and performance.  The method fights off boredom which is vital for us wheelchair lifters that only perform upper body lifts.  And finally the method is extremely easy to incorporate into any lifters goal whether that is muscle growth, strength or endurance.