Boxing for Cardio with Quiet Punch

You gotta get your cardio in and its ideal to NOT have to go to any gym to do so.  If you go to a gym for strength sessions 3-4 times a week it would be nice to do 2-4 energy sessions from your home.  Any form of cardio that involves any stationary device is mind dumbingly boring torture.  Whether this is on a treadmill for folks that walk or run, an ergonomic hand pedaled machine that fellow wheelers can spin with their hands, or any other eliptical or stationary bike.  If you are stuck inside, moving but not going anywhere, over time boredom will ensue which is why boxing related workouts do so well. And... ITS FUN TO PUNCH STUFF!!!

Quiet Punch

I had been investigating getting a heavy bag to hang in my garage, but the space it would eat up just doesn't exist anymore in my already crowded garage.  Enter Quiet Punch,, an at home boxing device that anybody can set up.  The device is better termed a mobile bunching device as this could easily be brought along with people and used in any hotel.  All the device requires is a doorway, simple.

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Great Variety

I am really hoping the Quiet Punch is a long term option as an active wheeler like me NEEDS VARIETY!  My hand spun ergonomic device that I am able to use inside the house is ok, but its so boring if it is the only in home cardio option.  Since i have a garage gym I am able to manipulate some workouts with lighter weights that can act as a cardio/energy session, however, meatheads like me have a tough time keeping the weight light enough to keep the workout more cardio than strength.  

Future Results and Workouts

I just got the Quiet Punch in last week so I need some more time with it to provide some honest feedback but so far I am a big fan.  There is no need for a wheeler like me to get a large heavy bag so this replaces that burden quite nicely.  I will say in just a few workouts that 10 minutes on the Quiet Punch provides an easily elevated heart rate and a quick sweat.  

Boxing certainly seems to mimic the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style that is extremely popular right now.  Go hard for 30-60 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds.  Do 10 rounds of this and you certainly feel as though you put in a tough workout.  Short and hard workouts are ideal to fight off any boredom and so far I really look forward to each workout on the Quiet Punch.