Eliminate Boring from Workouts

To have any long term success in fitness you have to find things you actually like to do.    You have to eliminate the Boring from your routines.  I enjoy lifting so many of the lifts I do I mostly enjoy going through the progressions each week.  But I also have items that I am not a fan of, for example, I have a hand pedaled ergometer that I use inside my house for some cardio.  I hate doing it more than one or two times a week.  Even watching Netflix on my phone to get through it has lost its appeal.  An able bodied comparison are Treadmills.  Treadmills are F-ing boring, why on earth put yourself through that hell? 


Alternative Cardio

Battle ropes and Kettlebells:  One of my favorite energy circuits is to rotate between battle ropes, go directly to some kettlebell swings, then rest for x seconds.  This is one rotation and I will do 6-8 rotations depending on the amount of time I have and the weight being used for the kettlebell.  This is a hell of a lot more fun than steady state, blow your brains out cardio and can be performed by most wheelers.


Medicine Ball Toss:  This can be done with a partner.  You simply toss a medicine ball back and forth for a bit.  This can also be done against a wall if no partner is available.  The body actually works much harder than you realize when throwing the ball as it is an explosive movement.  The body also has to support a brace when catching the ball that provides more work than you feel.

Some Able Bodied specific alternatives are flipping a tire, doing some box jumps, and one of the all-time great exercises, JUMP ROPE.   Just do a circuit through two or three things, take a scheduled breath between each cycle, and go again.  Time will FLY!

People quit on their fitness routine more often than not because they get stuck in a rut of ridiculously boring exercises like treadmills and ellipticals.  Things like squats, deadlifts and presses (bench, incline, military) are staples that we mostly have to perform.  But even those have TONS of alterations that can be done if you need a mix up.  There are so many variations to energy and strength work, even for fellow wheelers, that everyone should be able to eliminate the Boring from their workouts.  And I would suggest you eliminate this boring immediately.