Testing Strength Indicators

There are some basic exercises that all lifter should test themselves and re-test again and again on over time to ensure they are at minimal maintaining strength, ideally gaining strength.  It is highly important that we all assess where we are at over time as it is QUITE possible that a current training regimen you are on is actually hurting you more than helping you.  THis is often due to following a horseshit program that recommends WAY too much volume, in the 25+ work set area.

Sprinting is a great test, but that won't really be ideal for us!

There is no fixed rule on these, come up with your own test exercises, weight amounts and rep counts.  The weights and rep counts are not as important as the process of actually having some indicators and testing them out regularly.

Bench Press High Reps:  Be able to get 20+ reps on 75% of your bodyweight.

Bench Press Heavy Reps:  Be able to get at least 5 reps on 1.5 times your bodyweight.

Bench Press Max:  Be able to get at least 1 rep at 2 times your bodyweigth.

Pull ups:  20+ reps in one set of pull ups.

Military Press:    Be able to do your bodyweight for 10 reps.

These are just some examples I follow.  A rowing variation could be added as well as some bodyweight exercises like pushups and inverted rows.  Determine your exercises, set a challenging bar that must be met, then test against this bar every month or so to ensure your basic strength continues to move forward.