Russian Dips

Overcome Sucking

I cannot understand how anybody can be bored, ever.  There is SO much to do in this world, and likely so many things that you are not very good at, that the ONLY explanation for boredom is laziness.

Want to stay excited and engaged for the rest of your life?  Find something you suck at and get better.  It is so f-ing simple, and yet so engaging.  I will mostly focus on fitness related sucking, but this applies to anything in life.  Lifting, Knitting, Shooting Skeet, Paddleboarding, Snowshoeing, Fishing, whatever.  Find something you are interested in but may not be great at and attempt to build up that skill over time.  That’s It.  That is overcoming sucking.

Joe Rogan has discussed a similar topic on his podcast that I completely agree with and that is we humans must have a struggle.  Battling a struggle keeps us going.  People with no struggle, essentially die off.  Its why the kids of extremely wealthy people are far too often complete wastes.  They have everything handed to them with every advantage known to man and have no idea what a struggle is.

The regular person equivalent of an over-priveleged rich kid is the person who constantly complains they are bored.  Bullshit.  This ongoing life improvement will give you something to be excited about at all times.  This will give you something to look forward to.  This will make you happy.  This will prevent boredom, forever.


Ring Pulll ups and Dips

A couple new exercises I introduced a few weeks back into my fitness regimen were ring pull ups and ring dips.  I really sucked the first attempt at these.  I can bench a lot.  Do Pull Ups and Parallel Bar Dips for days.  I really sucked at both of these the first try. 


Next Suck… Russian Dips

Russian dips are a variation of dips that are a build up exercise to doing muscle ups.  I saw these being done on Instagram and had to try them this morning.  I suck at them.  A russian dip is performed by starting a dip in the full extension, lowering yourself down as a normal dip into the bottom position, but then leaning back to have your elbows lower down to the bar. Once the forearm and elbow are flush with the bar, or flat surface, you lift yourself back up into a normal dip position and perform the dip.  This extra lowering to the elbows and lifting from the elbows is where the challenge comes in.

I will provide a video of me doing this in the future since I just re-read the paragraph above and I would imagine it is difficult to visualize this gibberish.

The challenge for us wheeler lifters is you have to use your core and lower body to counterbalance the process of lowering onto your elbows and then back out of that.  I cannot really use my lower body for this so I have to overcome the mechanical disadvantage at the bottom with a pulling movement to get back onto my hands for the Dip.  Its tough and a bit awkward but I will get this down.  I suck right now, I will not suck in the coming weeks.



My wife has gotten more into yoga in the recent months and a big reason for this peak in her interest is the constant addition of moves.  I am a pure meathead so I am not into yoga at all, but the intrigue is understandable.  The better you get at yoga, the more advanced moves you are able to perform, or at least attempt.  Quite often she is falling on her head or losing her balance much to my amusement but the constant struggle and effort to no longer suck at these movements keeps her very enthused.



Find something you are very interested in.  Find something within this general interest you suck at.  Strive to get better at it.  IN the fitness world this most often is a new exercise.  Strive to achieve a rep, then a set of 5 an so on.  There is an infinite amount of inspiration for exercises to attempt on Instagram.  Just as there is an infinite amount of possibilities of things you suck at that you can overcome.